BONDERITE M-FE - Iron Phosphate

BONDARITE M-FE is a non-crystalline, non-metallic, iron phosphate coating that chemically adheres to metallic surfaces. The coating provides two key benefits for painting operations: increased paint adhesion and increased corrosion protection.

Depending on the product it can operate as a stand-alone coating material or be used in combination with cleaners. As a leading provider of functional coatings we help our customers by using our experience to recommend line layouts for applications using a manual spray wand, automated spray washers or immersion lines.

Iron Phosphate Process Summaries

Iron phosphate coating prepares ferrous metals for painting or powder coating by removing all traces of oil, rust or scale and thereby creating the ideal bonding surface and inhibiting subsequent corrosion even reducing corrosion following scratching of the painted surface. Immersion and spraying are the most common treatment methods.

Henkel supplies a wide range of BONDERITE products specifically designed for the treatment of steel materials helping to provide a high-quality, long-lasting, robust surface finish. The technology simultaneously cleans and coats ferrous materials making them ready to accept paint or powder coating.  

As well as improving paint adherence and reducing corrosion, iron phosphate conversion coating also increases the flexibility of materials making them more readily able to withstand external impact without allowing oxidation of the material underneath the paint. The process can also be used on aluminium and galvanized metals.

Benefits of BONDERITE's Iron Phosphates

BONDERITE products combine processing and commercial benefits that make a significant difference to everyday processing efficiency and economy.  

These benefits include:

  • Lower processing costs
  • Fewer operations
  • Simple
  • Flexible process

Cleaning and Degreasing

BONDERITE: effective industrial & maintenance cleaning can optimise health & safety conditions.

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BONDERITE process control equipment - a full range of application equipment and digital process control systems.

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Laboratory Services

Continous support from project to production, state-of-the-art surface analysis and standard control procedures.

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