BONDERITE technology solutions set innovative standards in the overall functional coating process. We provide extensive know-how and industry expertise with high performing technologies in the fields of cleaners, metal pretreatment and coating.

Cleaning & Degreasing

BONDERITE: effective industrial & maintenance cleaning can optimise health & safety conditions.

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How does it work? Our pickling solutions make your job easier, more effective and safer for you and your equipment.

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BONDERITE pre-treatment technologies set the highest standard for corrosion protection and paint adhesion.

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Light Metal Finishing

An extensive range of conversion coatings for aluminum parts covering traditional and eco-friendly technologies.

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Specialty Coatings

Innovative and reliable coatings simplifying the coating process and improving corrosion protection features.

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Sustainability with BONDERITE. Committed to leadership.

Henkel is committed to optimising its production processes by reducing CO2 emissions, waste and water and energy consumption. BONDERITE M-NT does not contain any toxic or regulated heavy metals and, if at all, a negligible quantity of phosphates. It creates significantly less waste, no phosphate sludge and consumes far less energy.