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Henkel’s new Bonderite E-CO DMC digital multichannel controller helps customers optimize the performance and cost of metal pretreatment processes.

Henkel has introduced a new process control system that addresses key challenges in metal pretreatment as customers are increasingly seeking to implement data-driven Industry 4.0 solutions. In combination with the company’s New Generation Conversion coatings (NGC) for multi-metal substrates, the Bonderite E-CO digital multi-channel (DMC) controller enables maximum corrosion performance and sustainability at minimized overall process costs.

Bonderite E-CO DMC is a process control system that allows users to run complex metal pretreatment lines with up to fifteen or more stages. It features an intuitive touch screen PLC interface and supports fully digitalized process control with flexible communication and remote access functionality.

Henkel’s Bonderite E-CO DMC metal pretreatment process control system provides access for remote devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and can be integrated in cloud-based data-driven solutions. (Photo: Henkel, PR060)

Maurizio Brancaleoni, Global Business Development Manager at Henkel’s European Functional Coating Equipment Center in Funo di Argelato (Bologna), Italy. (Photo: Henkel, PR060)

“Thanks to its adaptive open system architecture, our new digital multi-channel control system will easily integrate in metal customers’ existing conversion processes and automation concepts,” says Maurizio Brancaleoni, Global Business Development Manager at Henkel’s European Functional Coating Equipment Center in Funo di Argelato (Bologna), Italy. “Together with our New Generation Conversion coatings, it maximizes the benefits derived from Henkel’s leadership in sustainable metal pretreatment technologies and process expertise.”

Bonderite E-CO DMC minimizes chemical usage, water and power consumption as well as waste. In addition, it helps to avoid manual work and chemical exposure in metal pretreatment. All equipment and process setup, adjustment, control and monitoring can effectively be managed by the controller, including bath preparation and refill. The multi-channel system supports both single and multiple production lines in one and the same or neighboring buildings. It can control a virtually unlimited number of process parameters and devices.

Further Bonderite E-CO DMC is equipped with an internal memory that stores all parameter data and events for creating numerical, graphic and consumption reports as well as maintaining a historical database. The controller’s comprehensive connectivity easily links the system to other resources in local area networks and provides access for remote devices, such as tablets and smartphones. It enables alerts with discrete data to be sent to selected recipients by SMS or email and can be integrated in cloud-based data-driven solutions.

“The system underscores Henkel's total solutions approach and our commitment to supporting customers as they implement Industry 4.0,” adds Brancaleoni. “Users can run automatic parameter checks and even automate the dosage of chemicals in the tanks by using a special function to correlate analyzed data with outputs – all without involving any personnel on site.”

The Bonderite E-CO DMC controller has an intuitive touchscreen and an internal memory for storing a virtually unlimited number of process parameters in metal treatment lines of up to 15 or more stages. (Photo: Henkel, PR060)

While the performance benefits of Bonderite E-CO DMC can be tapped with any of Henkel’s existing metal pretreatment process, including conventional phosphating, the technology unfolds its maximum sustainability in combination with the company’s New Generation Coatings. As zirconium-based alternatives for multi-substrate metal conversion and corrosion protection, these NGC contain neither phosphates nor heavy metals, simplify water management and can reduce process steps, contact times, energy consumption and sludge. Leaving only a nano-thin non-toxic coating layer on substrates, Henkel helps customers to optimize the cost, control and reliable quality of production.

The European Functional Coating Equipment Center, based in Funo di Argelato (Bologna), Italy plays an instrumental role in the success of Henkel’s innovative new metal pretreatment solutions with a full line of dedicated Bonderite process control and automation systems. The Center includes a Development Department, a Warehouse and a Maintenance Lab.

The Bonderite E-CO DMC system is available throughout Europe and North America, and belongs to a complete range of application, control and support equipment for Bonderite metal pretreatment processes from Henkel.


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