BONDERITE E-CO ST4 - 4-Channel Line Controller

BONDERITE E-CO ST4 is a modular system device that can be used to measure up to four different, independent variables, including:

  • pH measurement
  • contact conductivity measurement
  • conductivity measurement with inductive technology (free maintenance)

In the two standard configurations - designed for cycle control with four active zones, or cycle control with three active zones plus washing with demineralised water, coupled with (VCL or) VMS-MF electronic dosing pump - this system is one of the most advanced in terms of control and dosing of concentrated products in prepainting treatment of metals.

All calibration and parameter settings are carried out by pressing the lexan buttons on the front: It no longer works via trimmer, which means the device's level of protection is higher than the traditional standard. Output connections are configurable via the keypad, as are the set points, maximum alarms, minimum alarms, the PWM, and pulse output. A special, password-protected menu allows measures to be converted into arbitrary scales, for example: conductimetry in % of product.


  • pH HF-resistant, for dip or spray application
  • mS high conductivity for spray or dip application
  • µS low conductivity for spray or dip application

The keypad can be used to set timed washing cycles for the pH electrode. The BONDERITE E-CO ST4 is enabled to interface with Digilog® 8.02, the new data collection system.

Technical characteristics

  • Size: 300X260X120 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 Kg
  • Display: Backlit alphanumeric LCD, two 16-character lines
  • Relay output:
  •     -  four, ON-OFF and PWM regulation for each of the four measurements
  •     -  four, configurable as alarm (NC)
  •     -  one, configurable as self-cleaning (NC)
  • Outputs: two, 0–20 or 4–20 mA
  • Serial connection: RS 232


The BONDERITE E-CO ST4 comes in ABS plastic housing to meet the IP65 standard.

Operating environment

  • 0°C–40°C (32°F–104°F)
  • 0–95% (no condensation) relative humidity


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