BONDERITE Functional Coatings

Welcome to Henkel's Functional Coatings website where you can find valuable information about BONDERITE and our functional coating technologies. Moreover, you have access to a wide range of surface treatment, cleaning and coating products that will allow you to gain a competitive edge and upgrade your standards.

Henkel Flix - Our interactive online seminar platform presents “Functional Coating Tech Talks“

Join our experts at the upcoming online seminars and discuss with them the latest challenges of metal pretreatment.

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Here you can find detailed information about our innovative technologies and process solutions.

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BONDERITE process control equipment - a full range of application equipment and digital process control systems.

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Laboratory Services

Continous support from project to production, state-of-the-art surface analysis and standard control procedures.

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The BONDERITE Autodeposition Process – a Simple and Robust Painting Process for Radiators

Radiateurs Industrie is well known for the quality of its radiators and has a production volume of 400,000 radiators per year. In the past, the company operated a conventional dip-paint primer process which involved major health and safety issues resulting from the use of solvents. A transition to a sustainable water-based process was needed. The BONDERITE Autodeposition Process was the answer without comprising on performance, industrial and regulatory specifications.


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